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Guns and poses

No Gun Fighter Nelson, Ga., is a bucolic small town roughly an hour north of Atlanta. Planted on the border between Cherokee and Pickens counties, at the northern outskirts of the metro Atlanta area, it’s mostly known for its once-thriving marble industry, and for being the hometown of the late actor Claude Akins, who played law-enforcement icon Sheriff Lobo on B.J. and the Bear and its spinoff, The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo. But that all changed earlier this month, as this unassuming burg of some 1,300 residents took a brave stand against a threat so insidious, an evil so heinous … they’re not yet sure exactly what it is.


On April 1, the Nelson City Council unanimously passed the “Family Protection Ordinance,” which requires every head of household to own a gun and bullets, effectively conscripting the citizenry into an ostensible war on crime. Despite the date on which the measure was passed, it’s not a joke—at least, not of the April Fool’s variety. Given the loopholes written into the ordinance, it’s as toothless as a stuffed Teddy bear, and just as effective at thwarting the criminal element. Continue reading